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Ring. Ring.

“Hey, you don’t know me, but I decided to go with your competitor. I’m at lunch and while eating my grilled chicken salad, I was using my iPhone to look for a new vendor (supplier, partner) for that important project I’m working on. You know your website is horrible, right? Your home page took forever to load, and when it finally did, everything was cut off and the navigation wouldn’t work right. I gave up.

“Sorry, but my time is limited so I clicked on your competitor’s website, which loaded fast and looked professional. I quickly found what I wanted. I even watched a video that showed me how to use their product (service, feature) and read a blog post about changes they are making to improve it down the line. With one click I gave them my details and they called me right back to complete the deal.

“So, yeah, I just wanted to let you know I won’t ever be your customer.”

Reality check: you’ll never hear from customers you failed to capture.

Take action: conduct a website audit today and commit to making continuous and never ending improvements to your online marketing.