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Your doctor asks you, “Where does it hurt?”

It’s usually relatively easy to answer that question, but when it comes to your website’s aches and pains you might not even know where to start.

Sure, you might see the obvious signs of website illness:

  • “I haven’t been updated in four years.”
  • “I don’t work on mobile devices.”
  • “Google hates me.”

But don’t ignore the hidden signs of website distress:

  • Lack of online inquiries
  • Missing meta descriptions and page titles
  • Slow-loading pages
  • Illegally licensed images
  • Duplicate text
  • Broken links

Just as in real life, undiagnosed illnesses that are allowed to go untreated can end up killing you (or, in this case, your online business).

That’s why all of our website development projects start with a diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan.

We run your website through a thorough online wellness check that not only points out the obvious issues, but also the hidden ones that may be crippling your website’s effectiveness… and by extension, crippling your business.

Don’t let another day go by with a website that is hurting your business.

Call Dekka Studios at 610-704-4249 for a free website checkup.

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