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Google Trusted Photographer
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Dekka Studios is a Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer

Showcase your business and its products with 360-degree photos and video by Dekka Studios.

We provide on-location 360-degree photo and video production services to businesses and manufacturers throughout the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

360° images can show off your office, inside and out

Benefits of 360 degree photography and video

• Stand out from your competitors

• Create memorable brand engagements

• Use 360-degree photos on multiple platforms: your website, Facebook, and Google

• Increase time users spend on your website (an important metric for search engine ranking)

• Showcase your modern, forward-thinking approach to business

• 360-degree photos can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices with just a click or swipe

• Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and played using a modern smart phone, tablet, or computer

Even in tight quarters (like this Euro van interior), a 360-degree photo allows viewers to look around.

Be among the first to take advantage of this new technology

Ideal for any business that wants to put their customers in a virtual location.

360-degree Plant Tours • 360-degree Project Showcase • 360-degree Video Walkthroughs

Virtual Tour of Finish Line Fitness Center

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