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Content Management Systems

We build CMS websites that enable you to do more


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Conversions from one platform to another

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If you don’t know much about the web, you probably don’t know what a content management system or “CMS” is or does. If that’s the case, don’t worry… Dekka Studios can handle it for you.

Basically, a CMS is a computer program that creates your web site’s individual pages for each user as they visit the site. Because of this, these pages can be easily and quickly customized for each user, and even perform special functions.

With a username and password, you can even make changes to many of the web site’s pages yourself, using just a web browser. Of course, Dekka Studios’ web professionals will handle all of the heavy lifting.

Compare that to the way many of the other web design companies do things: they usually create your web site page-by-page in old fashioned html without using a content management system. This makes the web site inflexible, hard to change, and less effective.

Dekka Studios will meet with you to discuss your own particular wants and needs… and then we will recommend the appropriate course of action for you, while ensuring that it is also cost effective. Go ahead… give us a call!