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Website audits in Charleston SC

Website Audits

Uncover problems and reveal strategies before you begin your web development project
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Keyword Analysis

Many websites are missing key search terms and phrases that could improve search engine ranking and lead to more clients or sales.


Meta Tags

You can’t see them, but meta tags are crucial to online ranking (shockingly, we often find that your old web developer didn’t bother to even put them in).


Competitive Analysis

What is your competition up to online? We snoop around – beyond the obvious areas – and provide a report to you with our recommendations.


Besides hackers, watch your developer. Through lack of knowledge or plain carelessness, your website may have backdoor logins or compromised plugins. 


Content Review

Outdated articles, abandoned blogs, and bad grammar: we’ve seen it all. Who knows how many deals you’ve lost because a shocking error turned potential clients off to your business.

Social and Brand Perception

We scour the web and social platforms for mentions of you and your brand, giving you suggestions for how to deal with them in the future.